"Grüezi" and welcome to Schwizi's !

What does "Schwizi's" mean?

"Schwizi" is the junior nickname of Mr. Hans-Ulrich Schweizer. Since 1986 luckily married with his wife Dori, growing with 5 more Schwizi's named: Nicole, Adrian, Reto, Tobias and Melanie... and finish!

Our Slogan: "You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend."


Forget everything you've heard about holiday rentals.

All you need for a holiday with us are your clothes and good spirits. We'll take care of the rest. Every apartment contains a microwave oven, an oven, garden furniture, a fridge and a television.

Our resort in Ringgenberg

Our resort exists of Schwizi's Chalet 1, built 1990 with the apt. no. 6 on the ground floor, the guesthouse built 1993 with the apt. no. 1 - 4 and the indoor pool as well as the chalet 2, built 1997 with the apt. no 5/7 in the upper level, no 8 in the middle floor and no 33 in the ground floor. You will find this resort in a quiet and sunny, south-facing position in the upper part of the village. Centrally situated; shop, childrens play area, railway station and lake Brienz are all within a 3 - 7 minute walk. Each apartment has a reserved parking place. Own indoor swimming pool 3 x 7 m with jet stream, whirl pool (jacuzzi), steam bath, sauna, and 4000-liter freshwater aquarium.


1: Guesthouse; Apartment No. 1 - 4, Indoor pool
2: Chalet 1; Apartment No. 6
3: Chalet 2; Apartment No. 5/7 + 8 + 33

Our resort in Ringgenberg Downtown

The chalet (built in the 17th century) with the apartments no. 24 - 27 has been completely eroded in 2008/09 and expanded with new total of 8 bedrooms, all with attached bathrooms. Just next door is our latest house with the apartments 28 – 31 also completely renovated in the year 2010. These two houses are situated in the village center on the main street, 30 meters away from the bus stop and tourist office. 3 minutes walk to grocery.


Our resort in Niederried

The new Schwizi's resort "Seematte" in Niederried, 350 residents, 578 meters above sea level, enjoys a wind protected southern exposure. The village is slightly removed from the major tourist centers and, therefore, offers relaxation and peace to the quality seeking guest. None the less, adventure and excitement seeking guests cannot find a more ideal place to venture out from, then Interlaken, the world renowned holiday destination, literally lies at Niederried's feet. After a 6 km drive or a 7 minute train ride you are at the heart of this happening resort town.
The resort exists of 5 houses, each with 3 levels, built from 1994 - 2001. You will find this resort in a sunny, south-facing position, centrally situated; childrens play area, railway station and lake Brienz are all within a 2 - 5 minute walk. Each house has a reserved garage.


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